Scale Model Trees:

Different Types of Model with Scale Model Trees

The most influential architectural design firms and real estate developers often pay more attention to the details in the scale model, which is the best instrument for people to understand a project before construction.

An exquisite architectural model can not only show the quality of projects and but also depict the future life to viewers.

In the scale models, model trees can be utilized as dimension references for the public to apprehend scale immediately, and used as space partition to distinguish different functional spaces.

Experienced model experts adopt diverse and appropriate greenery species to accommodate the real climate and environment conditions in different projects.

With the help of scale model trees and other artificial landscapes, a sophisticated model gains a sense of character and beauty, bringing out a full artistic vibe.

1.Master Plan Model

The master plan models, presenting the first impression of the urban planning and its design to the viewers, giving a focus on the architectural scale and space layout between zones.

To show the planning area on an appropriate scale, our model experts usually choose to make the masterplan model in a ratio of 1:500 to 1:2000.

Under this scale, the single model tree is generally tiny, except for some special landmark trees, but the needed amounts are large.

Master plan model with scale model trees

In this type of model, the model tree plays a significant role in creating the living atmosphere and mimicking the real-life scene, even at a glance, the viewers can still know the future development of their city.

Meanwhile, the addition of the scale model tree spices up the plain urban; the introduction of nature is consistent with our value of nature in our daily life.

2.Office Building Model

Owing to the impressive visual impact and the outstanding sense of reality, office building models have been widely accepted by markets, adopted in the design process, marketing, and leasing.

Office building models emphasize displaying the office space, surrounding environment, and other functional properties of the building.

With the development of ecological theory, nature has become an unelectable factor in the office building project.

Office building model with scale model trees

The model trees endow organic feeling to the model, fulfilling the requirements of the natural element in an office building.

Because of the renewal of the architectural design, the model trees are not only planted on the ground but also in the sky garden or vertical greening curtain wall.

A subtle collection of the delicate office building models and vivid model trees demonstrates an efficient, eco-friendly atmosphere and well-structured space for clients.

3.Residential Model

Residential models can provide the potential housing buyers or investors a good understanding of the design by showing the road and path layout, entrance, building material, landscape, and the living environment.

An exquisite and attractive 3D architectural model has become an essential tool to display at the real estate sales hall for marketing and sales.

Residential model with scale model trees

The importance of nature has been noticed and highlighted in recent years, therefore more developers have the willingness to give more budgets for landscapes and greening.

Model trees can completely exhibit the designers’ appreciation and value of nature and the environment, which gives the potential buyers an ample reason to make their decision.

In a residential model, because of the various marketing position and climate conditions, the selection of model tree collections is dissimilar in different projects, a fitting allocation needs years of experience in model tree making.

4.Airport Model

The airport model that assists the architectural designers to present their airport design in 3D can be used for an airport architecture competition, design discussion, exhibitions, and tendering, etc.

Considering the various purposes, the airport models could be structured on different scales, usually ranging from 1:1000 to 1:5000.

Airport model with scale model trees

Under this proportion, the details of architecture may be diminished, which makes the presenting of the landscapes around the airport becomes more significant.

To present the whole design in an appropriate level of particulars, large numbers of tiny model trees usually needed in the airport project, in which the planting locations should align with the real situation.

Because of its distinctive character, the airport model usually displayed in a futuristic pattern, the addition of model trees offsets the lack of nature and anima in the model.

5.Stadium Model

The stadium model can be used as a part of a competitive bid for a new stadium construction project or used as a showpiece when the developer wants to launch a new project to the public.

1:150 and 1:200 are the most commonly used scales to build stadium models as details like bustling bleacheries can be clearly shown to make the model look as life-like as possible.

In a stadium model, the model trees usually are installed around the stadium, like the main square, parking lot, roads, and the surrounding vacant lots.

Stadium model with scale model trees

Since the stadium is usually located in the suburban area, where buildings are little but normally full of trees and plants, therefore, the installation of model trees is essential.

Making an impressive stadium model requires various advanced model making technologies; our model experts have accumulated abundant experiences in both architecture making and associate vegetation processing.

6.Hotel Model

Nowadays, the hotel has been moving in the direction of comprehensiveness and developing as an integrated resort; the hotel is not only a place that caters lodging but also provides life nourishment for the tired modern people.

Generally speaking, the hotel model is made for bidding or design before construction, however an ideal hotel model can also be displayed to the public even in the established hotel hall.

Hotel model with scale model trees

The hotel model can exhibit the hotel’s serene and elegant surroundings, and how the building integrates itself entirely to its neighboring landscape to create a cozy living atmosphere.

when the guests are waiting for the check in, they can admire the well-executed model, the model trees, together with other accessories, like lawn and flowers, help the guests immerse in nature even before actually walk in.

7.Shopping Mall Model

The conventional green space is barely enough to meet the needs of people with the rapid development of cities, and designers began to explore unique greening methods in architecture.

Shopping mall model with scale model trees

Vertical greening, roof gardens, and indoor landscape atriums are increasingly appearing in the commercial complex so that people can enjoy the natural atmosphere while shopping.

Take the advantage of the artificial environment, the temperature and humidity have more possibilities, which means plants can also be exempted from natural condition limits and become more diverse and unique, therefore the model tree also turns into varied.

Shopping mall model with scale model trees

In some shopping mall models, such as Jewel Changi in Singapore, the vertical vegetation and waterfall are the most unique points that distinguish it from others, which hereby, the model trees and plants should be crafted more cautiously in the model.

8.Interior Model

Interior models usually fabricated on the basis of the interior design concept, sketches, or other digital drawings like CAD files.

An exceptional interior model features an appropriate space layout, befitting color scheme, lighting, well-arranged furniture, and even a few figures to mimic the scenes of life.

Interior model with scale model trees

Especially for the ground floor interior model, as one of the most frequently used relax place, the yard is vital, the addition of model trees adds vitality and reality to it.

To display enough details, 1:10 to 1:50 scales are suggested, which requires each tiny component must be fine.

Our model tree makers pay more time to this scale model trees, if looks closely, you can find there are even veins on the leaves.

9.Villa Model

Villa architectural model making frequently required by the developer as a marketing approach, which allows the potential purchasers to completely understand the essence of the architecture.

With the help of model trees, the villa model can not only be used to show the accurate architectural design of the houses but also gives a true sense of the living environment and the entire neighborhood.

Villa model with scale model trees

By planting precious tree species in the courtyard or among building complex, you can implicitly convey the high-end luxury atmosphere to the customers and create the identity of each project.

Villa model with scale model trees

In addition, because of its unique market positioning, villa buildings are typically located in sites with excellent scenery, such as mountains or the sea, in which case, the importance of model trees has been increased.

10.Theme Park Model

The theme park is a tourist destination full of fun and adventure, and a place where people can spend quality time with their family members.

Through the establishment of dreamlike scenes and exciting amusement facilities, the theme park is committed to creating an immersive exciting experience for tourists.

Theme park model with scale model trees

In scene construction, except for architectures and facilities, vegetation is the most direct visual and sensory element to the public; therefore, in the amusement park model, our theme park model makers will add a lot of model trees and plants to enhance the natural atmosphere.

For the indoor amusements in the theme park, the various types of tree species are beneficial to create a different atmosphere.

Our model experts also equip lights to light the model trees, showing an amusing environment and entertaining atmosphere.

11.Museum Model

The museum is not only functioned as an exhibition space for the public, but also being designed and built as an expression of bold architectural ideas and reveal the urban spirit.

As more and more residents visit the museum during the rest time, the public nature of the museum is further strengthened.

Nowadays, the designer creates more resting spaces in the museum so that visitors can have a good rest after visiting, such as the sculpture garden and central landscape belt in the Getty Center, where are planted with native oak trees, pine trees, ground covers, and dozens of cedar trees.

Museum model with scale model trees

While making this type of museum model, both architects and developers pay more attention to the shaping of the plants and environment, therefore our model makers create and select model trees more diversely to accurately convey design ideas in the model.

12.Landscape Model

The landscape model is normally thoroughly covered with abundant trees, shrubs, woody vines, grass, and water, scarce architectures and paths went through them.

Just as ABS and resin are the main components of architectural models, model trees are the principal elements of a landscape model. The quality of landscape models often depends on the exquisiteness of the model tree and the richness of the plants' category.

Landscape model with scale model trees

In addition to common trees, like pine, cypress, and willow, some precious tree species, such as Ginkgo biloba and Sophora japonica may also appear in the landscape model.

The challenge of constructing an extraordinary landscape model is not only to harmoniously place tens of different trees and plants in one model but also to distinguish each other and highlight the varied characteristics.

13.Industrial Model

The industrial model is sometimes placed in the main office building to show the visiting partners the overall layout and main technical installations of the factory.

Our model makers often add interactive facilities, like lighting, water flow, smoke and other elements to better simulate the production process.

Industrial model with scale model trees

Unlike the functional segments in the industrial model, the model tree gives a very good balance to the model, supplementing a natural atmosphere to the mechanized and sparsely populated factory, and invisibly weakening the tough and alienation of the model to the audience.

In addition, the model tree is also a good frame of reference; sometimes the size of the industrial factory is beyond people's imagination, while the model trees planted in rows next to it accurately convey the true volume of the factory.

14.Bridge Model

A bridge is usually an important traffic passage in a city, such as the Lupu Bridge in Shanghai; sometimes it can also become a symbol of a city, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Tower Bridge in London.

In modern cities, the role of bridges has been more diversified; the construction of a new bridge usually means a new leisure place.

Bridge model with scale model trees

Designers usually create green landscapes, parks, and plastic trails on the bank of the river centered on the bridge for urban residents to relax.

Therefore, the requirements of scene richness in the bridge model have been increasing; a single bridge model is hard to meet the needs of the public.

The accretion of the miniature model trees greatly increases the realism of the scene, even just appreciating the model, the public can already imagine the scene of playing and resting near the bridge in the future.

15.Cruise and Port Terminal Model Making

Ports and terminals are the essential infrastructures that promote urban development and drive the economy; its common facilities include docks, warehouses, customs, fish markets, pontoons, promenades, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Bridge model with scale model trees

Piers are generally connected with major traffic routes; there are always a lot of trees (if in the tropical area, they are usually tall palm trees) planted along the sides of those roads or in the ports square.

The model tree is the embodiment of the realism and livelihood of the terminal model; if you look carefully, you can even find there are residents who take naps under the shadow of trees.

Bridge model with scale model trees

In addition, the mix of green leaves, sparkling blue sea, plank road, and fancy white yachts also reflects the aesthetic of the model.

16.Mosque Models

The fundamental parts of the mosque model usually include minaret, outer arcade, courtyard, and the sanctuary that holds the Mihrab; both the outlook and interior of the Mosque model is designed to the specifications of the clients.

The mosque models are normally scaled down to 1:300 on average depending on the features incorporated.

Mosque model with scale model trees

Model trees added in the Mosque model is different from those planted in other types of models because of the requirements of solemnity and gravity.

The neatly trimmed and strictly symmetrically planted model trees in turn further strengthen the seriousness of the model and highlight the characteristics of religious architecture.

Whether the vegetation in the courtyard or the model trees on the preaching square, they all created in a geometric aesthetic feature to shape the sacredness of the Mosque model.

17.Hospital Model

Hospital is one of the important functional infrastructures in the city, but because of its unique properties, the building will inadvertently convey a sense of alienation and insecurity to the public.

Therefore, for a hospital model, the introduction of model trees is essential, which can both create a superior rehabilitation environment for patients and also help to eliminate the avoidance and distance of nearby residents from the hospital in the future.

Hospital model with scale model trees

In addition, hospitals are increasingly integrated, such as Health City Novena in Singapore integrates medical examination, treatment, nursing, and recuperation.

Under this circumstance, the adoption of model trees is becoming more and more important; they help people change the stereotype of the hospital, make the hospital more people-friendly and natural, and also beneficial for the further attraction of potential medical industry investors.

18.School Architectural Design Model

The teenagers spend a large percentage of time in school; it is not only a place for students to learn knowledge, but also a place for youngsters to build up friendship, physical fitness, and exposure to nature.

School models not only need to intently create modern teaching buildings, but also the leisure places such as playgrounds, small gardens, and pond.

An environment conducive to the physical and mental health of students will assure parents more in mind and will allow students to develop more comprehensively.

School model with scale model trees

The role of the model tree in the school model is beyond to add color to monotonous buildings, but also to show students and parents the rich possibilities of future campus life.

The planting of model trees will also naturally arouse people's associations with small animals, such as squirrels and birds, making the static model seem full of vitality.

19.Dessert Model

Desert models are generally customized for clients in the Middle East; our model experts cover the base of the model with gravel taken from the local desert and use earthy yellow materials similar to local buildings to make the facade of the architectures.

Dessert model with scale model trees

However, the whole model will look monotonous and lack a sense of hierarchy if there are only yellow gravel and traditional color buildings.

In the face of this situation, the green model trees can be planted to increase the richness of the entire model.

Dessert model with scale model trees

Plants suitable for growing in the desert usually include Cacti, Allium Mongolicum Regel, and Red willow, so the model experts especially made these several model palm trees that meet the local climatic conditions to install in the model.


With the development of model making techniques and material innovation, the architectural model is becoming more and more realistic and delicate, which thereby leads to a lift of viewers' aesthetic level of the models.

A flawless model needs not only to have the right scale architecture, but the future life scene should also be created, under these circumstances, no detail in the three-dimensional models should be neglected.

No matter the model trees, scale cars, or lights, they all play a significant part in display a vivid life scene to the public; among them, because of the abundant species and large quantities, the model tree usually inevitably attracts more attention.

We have accumulated practical experiences in the model tree making over the past 20 years' experiences of model processing; through the adjunction of model trees, we can make a consummate model even superior.

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